Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A few items on the agenda from last night's meeting (Monday May 24, 2010):
1. Four-Year Old Kindergarten
Administration would like to move forward to design and develop this new program. If adopted it will mean additional classroom space of 12-13 classes and more staff. It will not be fully funded the first two years, but a very small amount grant money may be available for some start-up costs.
It is not difficult to find studies showing that any benefit a child receives from 4K is lost by 3rd grade. Studies also show that a child who has been in 4K tends to exhibit more physical aggression through 6th grade.


article on all day kindergarten:


The was not discussed at the meeting due to lack of time, but it will be discussed in June. Stay tuned.......

2. Technology and Engineering Courses
Administration would like to, “ Restructure and expand the work-based learning experiences in technology and engineering education into a Technology and Engineering Internship.” The Civil Engineering and Architecture classes will be new this fall. Once implemented, these courses would give students 9-12 college credits.
Some teacher training will take place during the school year and substitute teachers will need to be used in classrooms on those training days.
Two comments that are memorable were: Ted Neitzke, “If we can afford it.” (referring to some of the changes), and Pat Herdrich, “We are the most aggressive district around. We offer more classes than any other high school.”


1. One High School Model
The administration states, “As a result of the funding dilemma, the leadership team has suggested to the Board of Education that the high schools be combined. The 'one school' model would allow the system to capture sustainable savings because of the reduction in athletic teams.” A business plan was developed by administration. I will post it shortly.
This will be the topic of the June 21st board meeting.


  1. 4 year old kindergarten was not even discussed at the board meeting.

  2. You are correct, Mike. And that is exactly what I wrote. It was on the agenda and not discussed due to lack of time. It will be brought up again in June. Please see my previous post.