Thursday, May 13, 2010

Business Forum June 15th

Several local businesses and local government agencies will gather together for a Business Forum at West Bend Mutual on June 15th. Among those there to discuss planning for the future of West Bend will be the mayor and the school district. Local businesses will be expressing their ideas about their expectations of public school offerings. For their part, the West Bend Public School District will be bringing their "Simon Family Presentation".
Found on their website:
This is the presentation Ted Neitzke showed at the School Board meeting on March 22nd. The PowerPoint highlighted a scenario of a "typical district family" going through the district and the educational programming changing over time. Basically, it shows different school programming scenarios according to the amount we will be taxed next year--recommended cuts or added programs according to the amount of increase in the tax levy or the remote possibility of the levy not increasing. The scenarios presented are according to the Administrator's budget recommendations and wishes.
Since the "Simon family" has been introduced to us, there have been some new developments in their family. Mr. Simon lost his job. Combined reporting has caused his business to move out of state. He will be busy trying to find new employment (He's hoping for a government job and heard that the school district is the largest employer in the county), while Mrs. Simon will be taking a retail job for minimum wage. Her financial contribution will help keep up with their mortgage and property taxes. She is busy working evenings and weekends now and is not at home when Alex, age 10, comes home from school. She is also unavailable to help with his scout troop and homework. Mr. Simon hopes to step in where mom is no longer able to. They are concerned about more tax increases and its effect on their already strained budget. Jon is planning on finding yard work this summer to help pay for his car insurance (he just got his driver's license), while Megan was offered a weekly Booster route to help with personal expenses. The experience is causing her to mature in a wonderful way. They are learning all about family living while living real life together. They collectively hope that both local and state government will stop the tax burdens and unfriendly business climate so that they can once again function as a healthy, vibrant family.
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