Tuesday, May 1, 2012

$211,500 for 8 Year Olds to Have Choice of Two Entrees

The Board Committe of a Whole discussed the Green Tree Elementary School addition proposals Monday, April 30, 2012 in the Fish Bowl meeting room. Besides four  new classrooms, which will increase the school's student capacity to 660, the board saw the proposed cost for a gym addition, and a cafeteria and kitchen addition. A new gymnasium is proposed to cost $1.4 million, while the cafeteria addition is at $1.01 million. A new kitchen addition will add and extra $211,500 to that. The reason the kitchen addition is needed, as reported by Dave Ross, is because the current kitchen does not have the capacity to offer two entrees as Mclane Elementary School has. "That's the rub, the need for more space to offer two entrees," Ross noted.  It was implied that if the students' lunch choices remained at one there would be no need for the additional cost of over $200,000.
The Green Tree School addition is being proposed to offset future need from the proposed closing of Barton Elementary School. Silverbrook Middle School will change to 5-6 grades and Badger Middle School will become a 7-8 grade school.