Friday, June 10, 2011

West Bend School District Leadership seeks to approve Gay-Straight Alliance Club

From the district website (meeting location is Badger Middle School and begins at 7:15pm):

Agenda Item Details

Jun 13, 2011 - Regular Board of Education Meeting
5. Action Items
B. 7:55 Reconsideration of GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Application for recognition as a school-sponsored club
Recommended Action
I move to approve the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) as a School-sponsored club

Topic and Background:

Based upon their legal analysis of the factual allegations, applicable laws and legal precedence, two separate law firms have indicated that it is more likely than not that the GSA would prevail on the merits of the lawsuit filed in federal court against the District as a result of the denial of the GSA’s application for recognition as a school sponsored club. The two firms estimate that the cost of defending the lawsuit would range from $215,000-320,700. They also estimate the amount of time that Board members, administrators and other District employees would be involved in litigation activities could range from 224-328 or more hours over the next year. If the GSA should prevail, the District would also likely be responsible for payment of the plaintiff’s attorneys’ costs and fees incurred in the litigation.

The leadership recommendation is to approve the application of the GSA for club status.

By supporting the creation of a school club, the associations of the club are supported by default, aren't they?:

1. Promoted events such as Gay Pride Parade (found on GSA national site):

2. Viagra and Cialis ads on the website.

3. Undermining of marriage. In Wisconsin there is a marriage amendment and students are required by law to be taught "instruction in marriage". A mixed message will be very confusing for students.

4. Promotion of events such as "all school assemblies" according to the attorney for the GSA, Educational workshops for students and teachers, National Coming-out Day, Day of Silence
(students attend class with tape covering their mouth and refuse to speak in class), and more.

5. Activism in the schools

My concern is for families raising their children in the religion of Christianity. The doctrines teach that homosexuality is wrong and not something to "tolerate". What future conflicts will arise if this club is approved?

Stay tuned.