Friday, April 5, 2013

West Bend Superintendent asks JFC for More Money

Yesterday, Ted Neitzke told the JFC that West Bend has used all the tools from Act 10, and requested a yearly increase of $150 per pupil.
I have a couple of questions for Mr. Neitzke:
1. Have you considered restructuring the current employee OPEB liability? I.e. begin weaning off employees who were hired 5, 10, 15, etc. years ago, so they pay more for their retirement benefits? Wouldn't this potentially save millions of dollars?
2. Have you utilized health savings accounts to the full extent to limit future health costs of employees?
3. Will new money from the state be used for teacher raises? After all, we already have tremendous programming in West Bend.

West Bend has used some tools from Governor Walker's Act 10 at one point, but why stop now? Act 10 is a living Act. District's will do well to continue using it.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

 11:35 AM 

West Bend superintendent backs per pupil increase

Ted Neitzke, superintendent of West Bend's schools, echoed calls from Kettle Moraine officials to back a plan to increase per pupil funding by $150 as proposed by GOP Sens. Luther Olsen of Ripon -- who's here today with JFC -- and Mike Ellis of Neenah.

He said, like the Kettle Moraine district, West Bend utilized every tool provided by the governor and lawmakers under Act 10, and that the Ellis-Olsen proposal would provide his district with the flexibility at the local level to address budgetary concerns.

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