Monday, June 21, 2010

Updates on Athletic Handbook

Jeff Rondorf, East athletic director, and Scott Stier, West athletic director, presented to the board of education some good changes to the athletic handbook. Among the proposed changes is a change regarding the penalty of an athlete who is at a party with underage drinking. Any student, whether consuming illegal substances or not, will receive the same penalty, which is a two week suspension from play. Previously, if a student was at an event with alcohol being served to those underage, but was not himself drinking, his penalty was less severe. Now, the handbook will reflect the standard that simply being at a party with alcohol is in violation of the athletic code.

The board gave Rondorf and Stier some input about academic expectations for athletes. The board has asked them to make a change in the handbook regarding grades and GPA for athletes. Currently, the West Bend School District's policy is one failing grade requires a two week suspension from play. The student must verify that his grades are passing in every class before returning to play. The board would like to see the policy also reflect a minimum GPA of 2.0, which would make the policy state that a failing grade OR a GPA of less than 2.0 requires a two week play suspension. Interestingly, the W.I.A.A. policy allows for one failing grade and does not suspend players for one failing grade, but two.
The board is expected to discuss this further on July 19th and possibly act that same evening.

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