Friday, June 11, 2010

School Board meeting regarding combining the high schools

Monday June 21st is the date the school board will be discussing combining the high schools. It seems to me that the superintendent already sees this as a done deal.
The public needs to be there letting their elected officials know how they feel about combining the two schools into one. If this goes through, West Bend will have one of the largest high schools in the state.
Everyone has a price, but the projected savings of combining the schools is minimal, and the benefits to students none (that I can think of).
The projected savings the first year is $205,660 and subsequent years savings are projected to be $382,910(from a budget that exceeds $70 million) The projected savings will come from having one less principal and reductions in coaches and staffing events. One athletic director will be called an activity director, but the salary is the same.
We also do not know the impact of open enrollment if families decide to try and get into a nearby district with a smaller high school.
As I think about this I am considering:
1. How many kids will not make sport teams because of stiffer competition. High school is a time when many kids engage in sporting activities for their local school. It will probably impact the number of kids who make the team.I see less kids having the opportunity to participate at a meaningful level.
2. Will we end up losing money in the deal? No none knows. If more kids move to a different school district for high school, this could be a net loss.
3. Is it worth changing the way we structure our schools? Everyone has a price? It is worth it for a "savings" that could end up costing?
4. Impact for the kids in other areas. I hope kids and parents come out and share their thoughts.
I look forward to more discussion from the community on this.

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