Sunday, January 22, 2012

Policy Committee to discuss parental permission for school clubs, Board Instruction Committee to reconsider Citizenship Course

On the dock for Monday night:
The Policy committee will discuss the following new language to the co-curricular policy:

Parents have a right to be informed of all co-curricular activities in which their
children participate. Parents/legal guardians must provide informed written consent
for each co-curricular activity before a student may participate in the activity.

Also on the agenda is parental permission for students to participate in any survey which is invasive in nature.

Policy Committee meets at 5pm

Board Instruction meets at 6pm

Regular Board meeting at 6:30pm

Board Instruction will also be reconsidering adopting a new high school course that gives credit for volunteer clubs. (See previous post)

Agenda Item Details

Jan 23, 2012 - Board Instruction Committee
2. Service and Citizenship Class at High Schools

Presentation: Service and Citizenship class at the High School

Topic and Background: At the January 9th Board of Instruction meeting Phil Ourada, assistant principal of East High School, presented a proposal to initiate a new ¼ credit class at the High School called Service and Citizenship. At that time it was recommended that the course proposal move forward and be offered to students starting in the fall of 2012

Rationale: The Department of Public Instruction Wisconsin has joined the Partnership for 21st Century Skills to ensure that the Wisconsin PK-16 educational system prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed for the 21st century workforce. Service-learning provides an instructional methodology that will provide students with experiences that bring these skills to life through the application of knowledge and skills in addressing community issues.

Why Service-Learning is Important

  • Service-learning is a teaching method that engages students in solving problems within their schools and communities as part of their academic studies.
  • Research has shown that service-learning has an enduring positive impact on students' academic achievement, civic engagement, and personal and social development.
  • Service-learning is an effective instructional pedagogy which asks students to use their abilities and skills to make their school, local, and global communities stronger.
  • Service-learning is a key strategy in developing 21st century skills which will lead to a prepared workforce and a civically engaged citizenry.

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