Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annual Meeting

The Resolutions passed last night during the annual meeting held at the East High School Auditorium. Resolution No. 1 asked for a levy of $37,408,031. It is a tax to the maximum allowable limit.
I'll pass on a few comments from the meeting (in no particular order):
* board member

*Bart Williams: This budget is a "decent start". He also asked his fellow board members to inmplement a 0.5-1% reserve and again called for "true zero based budgeting".

Vince Marolla: Asked the board where they would get the $250,000.00 to fight the Gay Straight Alliance in federal court. "What were you planning on cutting to pay for it?" Then he stood there until his 2 minutes were up. (off topic?)

Mary (West High math teacher): She was worried about safety issues with 34 students in a classroom and equated a high ACT test score with success in life. (I won't comment.......)

Jason Penterman (high school librarian and local union leader): He is upset about library aides being cut and wants an operating referendum.

Joy Schroeder: Suggested suing the state for budgeting issues and also asked for an operating referendum. She also talked about "naughty boys" in her child's K class and is upset about class size.

Kathy Van Eerden: talked about school boards (again, off topic?)

*Rick Parks: told audience that if they opposed the levy, they would be asking for less because the levy is as high as it can go.

Al R.: said kids need to be educated for the global world of tomorrow.

*Kris Beaver: Began by stating he has been on the board for 6 1/2 years (and all the HUGE tax increseases!-my comment), and wants an operating referendum though realizes it will be difficult to pass.

*Dave Weigand: Appreciates the new administration that does not seem as hostile to the taxpayer, but will not support a "Tax to the Max" predisposition that taxes to "every last dollar" they can.

*Tim Stepanski-VP: Told Ted Neitzke, "Mr. Neitzke, if you need more money ask us for more."

*Randy Marquardt-President: Does not see the need for an operating referendum. Does not see the need to spend money on putting one forth and sees zero support for it.

Warring Finke: Wants operating referendum

Kathy Meindel: "We've not only cut to the bone, now we've removed the marrow."

*Todd Miller: Supported the levy because it "taxes to the allowable limit." He also wants to see an operating referendum.

I noticed Joe Carlson was there but did not comment. He commented enough during his years on the board for us to know his views on more taxes. Let's keep those in mind if he ever again decides to run for school board.

The room was filled with teachers and administrators-those who benefit from more taxes.

Here's where I'll comment. I recently saw a photo a kindergarten class from 85 years ago. There were 40 students in it. The elderly former student told me the class was well behaved and they learned a lot.

Some, unfortunately, think that more money will solve problems. True wisdom would see that parents need to be more involved in their children's lives. Discipline problems (serious ones) would melt away with more parental support and nurturing.
More money or more parenting? My vote is for more parenting. Schools, stop taking more money from us. HELP mom's stay home and be the parents they need to be.

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